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Q #348: Why do I feel spiritually more at home in a particular place?.
Q #349: How does one stop perceiving physical problems?.
Q #350: God, illusion, dreams, the dreamer, and separation.
Q #351: What is the meaning of: "The memory of God comes to a quiet mind"?
Q #352: What should I do if external circumstances are making me depressed and angry?
Q #353: How can I find my "purpose" in life?
Q #354: Is the ego just a long-dead mistaken thought?
Q #355: I study the Course but why do I feel terror, panic and fear?

Q #342: Why do I feel rejected and lonely?.
Q #343: Does the brain "think"?.
Q #344: A question about miracle impulses.
Q #345: Must we give up simple bodily pleasures ?
Q #346: What should I do if I am very uncomfortable at my spouse's church?
Q #347: I find Christmas very depressing. How should I see this?


Q #337: Errors, the ego, murder, and nature.
Q #338: A question about overeating and guilt.
Q #339: A question about the "light episodes," and about reincarnation.
Q #340: Can pets really accept and learn from miracles ?
Q #341: What is meant by "All who have met before will meet again"?

Q #331: Can you comment on Krishnamurti's ideas about fear and authority?.
Q #332: What are the "anti-karma" passages in the Course?
Q #333: How does the Course view competition ?
Q #334: How should one go about forgiving Jesus ?
Q #335: What is the best way to remember, and deal with, unkind or attacking thoughts?
Q #336: How should I view apparent intervention by the Holy Spirit if I know in fact He does not intervene?

Q #323: Why does the Course use the term "Son" of God?.
Q #324: Any peace I see seems to be temporary. Why?
Q #325: Isn't looking at our egos the same as "analyzing the darkness"?
Q #326: Have any Course students achieved the holy instant ?.
Q #327: How can oneness be compatible with individual beings?
Q #328: If everything is illusion, how can the Course exist?
Q #329: Is marriage a special relationship?
Q #330: What are "Iambic Pentameters"?

Q #316: What is the meaning of "Think not you made the world"?.
Q #317: Forgiveness applied to different forms of attack.
Q #318: Jesus does seem to refer to the soul. What does this mean?
Q #319: What is meant by "the hand we hold is our own" ?.
Q #320: Is the idea of a "soul mate" incompatible with the Course?.
Q #321: How could God create something which could, in turn, create?
Q #322: The difficulty of seeing ourselves as cause, instead of effect.

Q #310: How can a psychologist best help a patient?.
Q #311: Doese everyone have a role to play in the world?
Q #312: Is it wrong or bad for me to miss or crave a relationship?
Q #313: Help! How do I avoid a recurring disastrous pattern in my life?.
Q #314: My anger and hatred of evil prevents me from forgiving.
Q #315: How can I deal with a poor self-image?

Q #303: What exactly is "grace" and how does one attain it?
Q #304: What exactly is "the authority problem"?.
Q #305: Still more about "I need do nothing."
Q #306: Why might I be preoccupied with death?
Q #307: What is the explanation of a buzzing or vibrating feeling while meditating?
Q #308: Why does the Course seem to arouse such antagonism in non-believers?.
Q #309: How can we know if we are truly bringing the problem to Jesus?

Q #296: How do I know if I have crossed into "The real world"?
Q #297: Is the Course saying my loving thoughts and my feelings of connection are not real?.
Q #298: Why are lilies a symbol of forgiveness?.
Q #299: What is meant by "happy dreams"?
Q #300: It seems that all healing necessitates attack.
Q #301: What is the special significance of giving something a name?.
Q #302: Is the Course saying we should, or should not, deny the reality of our bodies?.

Q #291: How can I reconcile apparent differences between ACIM(r) and "The Pathwork"?
Q #292: Comments and thoughts on loneliness.
Q #293: More about "I need do nothing" versus "practical reality".
Q #294: Will a simplified version of the Course be available for children?
Q #295: How do I cope when loved ones are heavily invested in victimhood?.

Q #285: How can I distinguish the voice of the ego from the Voice of the Holy Spirit?
Q #286: Why are there "no accidents in salvation" ?
Q #287: What is the meaning of "The Last Unanswered Question" ?
Q #288: What exactly is a miracle?
Q #289: What is meant by "I need do nothing"?.
Q #290: What is meant by "unacceptable" in relation to bodily impulses ?


Q #281: A question about guilt, responsibility, and upsetting incidents.
Q #282: Will Buddhism help or hinder my progress with the Course?
Q #283: How do I reconcile taking care of my health with the Course's teachings ?
Q #284: A question about being a police officer and studying the Course.


Q #275: What is the meaning of "extension" ?.
Q #276: Can I still learn & practice Course principles in a group that I don't care for ?
Q #277: Am I in your dream or are you in mine ?
Q #278: If the ego has no power, how can the ego become "vicious" ?
Q #279: Could long study of the Course bring about fearful mental symptoms ?
Q #280: Is there any positive or beneficial form of denial ?

Q #269: How do pets return to God ?.
Q #270: About the existence of the ego
Q #271: How can we develop our relationship with Jesus?
Q #272: A basic explanation of forgiveness.
Q #273: Is Lucifer a symbol for the separation?
Q #274: Is suicide ever an acceptable decision?

Q #263: Can we get in touch with the original thought of separation ?.
Q #264: Where exactly are the decision maker, and the Holy Spirit, in the theoretical picture?
Q #265: Why do you sell a picture of a blue-eyed blonde-haired Jesus?
Q #266: What is the script and what part does choice play in it ?
Q #267: If fear is never justified, should people in frightening situations feel no fear ?
Q #268: I understand the Course intellectually but do not feel more peaceful


Q #258: Is forgiveness a process, or a one-time action?.
Q #259: Why does the Course appear to predict the progress of my learning?
Q #260: Does the body really die and does the soul live on?
Q #261: Can I use a central loving figure other than Jesus ?
Q #262: Please explain "Swear not to die, you holy Son of God" ?

Q #252: Could other "redeemer" figures exist in other versions of time?.
Q #253: If the world is unreal, why not just ignore worldly obligations?
Q #254: Is it wrong to experience judgemental thoughts, if we recognize them as such?
Q #255: How can I prevent the complexity of everyday life from blocking my peace ?
Q #256: Is it somehow "wrong" to ask my boss for more money ?
Q #257: Should one really stop taking anti-depressant medication ?


Q #246: How can I deal with my addictions from a Course perspective?.
Q #247: What is the Course's viewpoint on "same-sex" relationships?
Q #248: What does the Course mean when it says the mind "cannot create beyond itself"?
Q #249: What does the Course mean by "unholy values will produce confusion..." ?
Q #250: If "chance plays no part in God's plan," how can God not be involved in this world ?
Q #251: What is the meaning of "a celestial speedup" ?

Q #239: How can we kill others and still be loving and forgiving?.
Q #240: Is the Course's thought system compatible with gods and goddesses?
Q #241: Could my relationship with Jesus be a special relationship?
Q #242: What does the Course mean by "Proper learning conditions" ?
Q #243: What is the Course perspective on "unpardonable sin" ?
Q #244: Is happiness the goal of life?
Q #245: Does the term "at-one-ment" have any specific meaning?

Q #234: What is the role of non human forms in the Sonship?.
Q #235: Don't miracles make us happy and cure our problems?
Q #236: Are creative strivings a distraction and a waste of time?
Q #237: Can war be a means of salvation ?
Q #238: Insomnia as a defense against the truth ?

Q #227: Who is the "specific brother" with whom I must heal my relationship?.
Q #228: How could God exist before His creations, if the word "before" is meaningless ?
Q #229: If only salvation can cure, do I still need my medicines?
Q #230: Can I go back later and do Workbook lessons I skipped ?
Q #231: How should I feel about enjoyment of worldly things?
Q #232: How does the Course feel about children and parenthood?
Q #233: What does the Course mean when it says I make an ego for everyone else?


Q #221: Does every separate form have its own mind?.
Q #222: Could manipulative techniques actually be used for healing?
Q #223: Do we need one special learning-partner to learn the Course?
Q #224: Is everything pre-destined?  Are we powerless?
Q #225: If someone attacks me, am I really supposed to "do nothing"?
Q #226: Can we really change anything with choices made inside time and space?


Q #215: How should I pray?.
Q #216: Why is any happiness brought about by the Course so fragile?
Q #217: Is it really true that "the world I see holds nothing that I want"?
Q #218: How important are the "light" episodes mentioned in the Course?
Q #219: How would the Course view demonic "possession" and "stigmata"?
Q #220: Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?

Q #208: Ensuring your purpose is in accord with God.
Q #209: Feeling the "presence" of others.
Q #210: Ego consciousness vs. God-consciousness.
Q #211: Can we be affected by a disease if we have no fear or knowledge of it?
Q #212: Are some types of judgement harmless?
Q #213: Undoing hatred of another person.
Q #214: What are all the different "forms" of the universal curriculum?

Q #202: How should I teach Course principles to children?
Q #203: Do the Workbook lessons need to be done daily?
Q #204: Is happiness the goal of the Course?
Q #205: Must everyone accept the Atonement before anyone can enter Heaven?
Q #206: What are some practical examples of forgiveness?
Q #207: Is it wrong to have questions and need answers about the Course?

Q #195: How can I reconcile the need to compete - with the Course's teachings ?
Q #196: Do people need to feel like victims and victimizers?
Q #197: What is the soul?
Q #198: Why did God create One-ness?
Q #199: How can I ask for help from a mere abstract concept?
Q #200: Question about the Course, relationships, and childhood molestation
Q #201: How do we return to the point at which the original error occurred?

Q #190: How much of our lives is "written" beforehand ?
Q #191: Are all love relationships "special"? Even those with our children?
Q #192: "I do not choose God's channels wrongly:"  clarification.
Q #193: Is "The Lord's Prayer" a real prayer in a Course sense?
Q #194: Where does the Course say that the world is not real?

Q #185: Is this world part of God's dream ?
Q #186: Who is "the accuser" ?
Q #187: What happens to us when we finally let go of the ego?
Q #188: How can I learn to take myself and the world less seriously?
Q #189: What does the Course mean by "To have, give all to all"?


Q #180: Should I stay in a relationship where my love is not returned?.
Q #181: Is it wrong to experience God's love as sensual?
Q #182: How can someone be sick if they are totally at peace?
Q #183: If nothing can harm me, why should I heed physical danger?
Q #184: Fear and uncertainty about whether my needs will be met.

Q #174: How can I forgive abuse ?
Q #175: Can we expect peace after death?
Q #176: Clarification of the second and third splits.
Q #177: Can I practice the Course without accepting its theology?.
Q #178: What prayer or words will help me "dispel" the ego?
Q #179: Is it an attack to force one's will on one's children?

Q #168: How do I deal with guilt over someone deceased ?
Q #169: How should I deal with my ambivalence toward work?
Q #170: Is sex an ego-drive, or can it be holy?
Q #171: Confusion about the original tiny mad idea.
Q #172: Should the Course help my life go in the direction I desire ?
Q #173: What is thought?   What is thinking?


Q #163: What is meant by "It needs but two"?
Q #164: How should I regard my judgements of others?
Q #165: Is there one dreamer of the dream, or many?
Q #166: Why does the Course urge me to see things differently if there is no difference?
Q #167: Are phenomena like "deja-vu" and "synchronicity" ego-activities ?

Q #157: How do we know God is unaware of our existence in the world.
              and Where does the Course mention "the decision maker"?
Q #158: Why does the Course say "you cannot lose anything
              unless you do not value it"?
Q #159: Is it sufficient just to be aware of, and concerned about, our specialness?
Q #160: Is it important that my dreams are still dominated by the ego?
Q #161: Why the difference between the Course message and the Catholic message?
Q #162: In my mind I feel I attack people so why does the Course
              say the "mind cannot attack"?

Q #151: Does divine Mind create the world of form?
Q #152: Dealing with fear about becoming one with God?
Q #153: More about reincarnation.
Q #154: Conflicts between Catholicism and the Course.
Q #155: Why do I continue to experience fear and panic attacks?.
Q #156: Whose voice authored the Course?


Q #144: How should one deal with anxiety?
Q #145: How do we know we are making the choice to undo separation?
Q #146: Why is a part of me fearful of Jesus?
Q #147: How do I bring peace to someone else's mind?
Q #148: How could a state of Oneness lead to the thought of separation?.
Q #149: If I think my mind is healed, why do I still feel pain?.
Q #150: How do I undo the damage I have done by attacking someone?.

Q #139: How do I know what my beliefs are about money?
Q #140: Conversations with Jesus and requests of him
Q #141: Why is the Course so difficult? Will it get better?
Q #142: I feel guilty about experiencing aches and pains.
Q #143  Dealing with depression about the Iraq war.

Q #135: What is the Course's view of suicide?
Q #136: How can God be "lonely"?
Q #137: How do I accept completion?.
Q #138: Does anything we do make any difference to the outcome?

Q #130: What is "true empathy" vs. "false empathy"?
Q #131: Has God forsaken us?
Q #132: Getting what I want in the world of forms?.
Q #133: What is the meaning of diseases like Tourettes's syndrome?
Q #134 Are pets part of the sonship?

Q #124: What is the meaning of "magic"?
Q #125: Concern about progress with the Course, and "waiting" for something.
Q #126: Did Jesus heal by seeing "The Christ" in another?.
Q #127: If there is only one Mind, why do I perceive myself as unique?
Q #128: How do I heal depression spiritually instead of medically?
Q #129: What advice do you have if I have "wandered" from the Course?

Q #117:  Why would a baby or animal become sick?
Q #118:  The ego, retaliation, self attack, and fear.
Q #119:  Gentleness, peace, trust, worldly distractions.
Q #120:  Should we give up eating meat?
Q #121:  Did God create the Earth or did we?
Q #122:  What was the significance of the 5-pointed star?
Q #123:  Is illness in specific body parts a helpful clue?

Q #113:  Why am I not earning enough money?
Q #114:  How can I "do nothing" if someone is suffering?
Q #115:  How should I think about menopause?
Q #116:  Does God intervene in this world?

Q #108:  The difference between special love and real love
Q #109:  A clarification of the term "mind"
Q #110:  Why do we think the voice of the Course is that of Jesus?
Q #111:  Is the entire world an illusion?
Q #112:  How can the Course help with the grief process?

Q #101:  Has any Course student become "enlightened?"
Q #102:  Are self-help books useful?
Q #103:  What is meant by "our creations?"
Q #104:  Is "to forgive" the same as "to give over?"
Q #105:  What is the best method to study the Course?
Q #106:  What are the differences between the Course and Ghandi/MLK/Chavez, etc.?
Q #107:  About anger and strife in the workplace

Q #95:    Confusion and fear while studying the Course
Q #96:    Is praying for others beneficial?
Q #97:    Why did Jesus not return as a body to give us the Course?
Q #98:    Is the Course "required"? What difference will it make?
Q #99:    About low self worth and relationships
Q #100:  If we are Love, how could non-love have entered our existence?

Q #89:    What and where is the real Self?
Q #90:    What is meant by "I need do nothing"?
Q #91a&b: What is the significance of people like Johnathan Edwards
Q #92:    Is it useful to keep doing all the workbook lessons?
Q #93:    About applying Jesus' concepts to our perceptions
Q #94:    How can I speed up learning forgiveness?

Q #85:    Why is the Course called non-dualistic?
Q #86:    Why can't we project a different world?.
Q #87:    What is meant by "Swear not to die"?
Q #88:    How could the original error possibly happen?

Q #80:    Is my knowledge real knowledge?
Q #81:    Forming a special relationship with the Course.
Q #82:    The nature of dreaming & the real world & duality
Q #83:    The name of God
Q #84     Overeating and other hurtful activities

Q #75:    What are "the Great Rays"
Q #76:    The role of the body.
Q #77:    The Holy Spirit's quietness.
Q #78:    Forgiving others without meeting them.
Q #79     Conflict in the family.

Q #70:    Beauty in art and nature.
Q #71:    Feeling victimized in relationships.
Q #72:    About God's "plan".
Q #73:    Deciding against pain.
Q #74     Our preoccupations.


Q #64:    Practicing the workbook..
Q #65:    The nature of mind.
Q #66:    Friends who "disappoint" us.
Q #67:    Achieving right-mindedness.
Q #68     The fate of the mind after body-death.
Q #69     Finding forgiveness.


Q #59:    How to forgive.
Q #60:    The use of white lies.
Q #61:    Special relationships and attack.
Q #62:    A question about "positive thoughts."
Q #63     Dealing with anger.

Q #54:    How important is intelligence.
Q #55a:  Secret hate of good people.
Q #55b:  what is "The pearl of great price".
Q #56:    Why do we choose the life we do.
Q #57:    12-step programs & the Course.
Q #58:    Seeing "calls for love."

Q #49:     The neutrality of the world and the body.
Q #50:     The difficulty of forgiving.
Q #51:     Looking at the ego with humility.
Q #52:     Guilt about worldly suffering.
Q #53:     Trying to improve the external world.

Q #43:     Identifying the "voice" of the Holy Spirit.
Q #44:     How to forgive.
Q #45:     Course "training" and "certification."
Q #46:     How important are our feelings.
Q #47:     Re-thinking past decisions.
Q #48:     "The Power of Now".

Q #38:     The "call that never has been made".
Q #39:     Attachments to this world.
Q #40:     The "intellectual" level of the Course.
Q #41:     Sleeping vs. waking dreams.
Q #42:     Does God intervene in this world

Q #34:     Artistic expression in an awakened state.
Q #35:     Apparent lack of progress.
Q #36:     About angels -- are they real?.
Q #37:     About choice vs. destiny.

Q #28:     Forgiving horrific acts.
Q #29:     Jesus' apparent act of "anger".
Q #30:     Giving up addictions.
Q #31:     The meaning of "sin".
Q #32:     Is consciousness illusory.
Q #33:     Letting go of grievances..


Q #22:     The "Rules for Decisions."
Q #23:     Belonging to a mainstream religion.
Q #24:     About reincarnation.
Q #25:     Course-study is causing sadness.
Q #26:     The meaning of "the Holy Instant."
Q #27:     Pre-separation consciousness.

Q #17:     Undoing separation.
Q #18:     The meaning of "will."
Q #19:     The nature of guilt.
Q #20:     Friendship & romance.
Q #21:     A question about the meaning and purpose of art.

Q #13:    The meaning of  "purification".
Q #14:    The healing of the body.
Q #15:    About death and grief.
Q #16:    The reality of the body.

Q #9:      Attacks on people who extend love.
Q #10:    How did the ego arise.
Q #11:    How to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
Q #12:    How to form and run a group.

Q #5:      Gender-specific language.
Q #6:      The uniqueness of the Course as a spiritual path.
Q #7:      Forgiving yourself.
Q #8:      Looking at the world without judgement.

Q #3:      Different levels of meaning in the Course.
Q #4:      Reconciling the war on terrorism with the Course's teachings.

Q #1:      The Christian language of the Course.
Q #2:      The practice of religious rituals.

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