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Part 3: Questions from year 2005

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Q #857
Which text chapters relate to which workbook lessons ?
Q #858 Please clarify what are ego thoughts.
Q #859 What is the name of God I am supposed to call upon?
Q #860 What is the fundamental error of quantum physics?

Q #853
What are the three selves in "All are Called" ?
Q #854 How do I reach God, as described in lesson 41?
Q #855 Why don't I perceive my own best interests, as in lesson 24?
Q #856 What exactly is the meaning of "Atonement"?

Q #850
Why didn't Helen accept the Atonement for herself?
Q #851 Why is the Couse increasing my anxiety attacks?
Q #852 If Jesus relinquished his ego, why didn't we all?

Q #846 How do I use forgiveness to help my marital difficulties?
Q #847 Is the soul a unit of Christ?
Q #848 Is understanding the Course dependent on a certain level of evolution?
Q #849 Is the mind in the body, or vice-versa?

Q #841 Are we in the process of the Last Judgement?
Q #842 Is it true only my interpretation of the world can hurt me?
Q #843 Why does the Course make me feel fearful?
Q #844 If I think I am being helpful does that mean I probably am not ?
Q #845 Why bother with the Course? It seems to have no practical value?

Q #837 How can I think peacefully about a father who abandoned our child?
Q #838 Is the Course compatible with, or similar to, TM ?
Q #839 How can I feel differently about someone who is verbally abusive?
Q #840 Could my right perception heal the sick?

Q #835 How can I forgive someone who attacks my child?
Q #836 Can the Course be construed as escapism?

Q #831 How can we see through the illusion from within the ego?
Q #832 How can we overcome fear of loss of self and identity?
Q #833 Does meditation assist with studying the Course ?
Q #834 Why is what I "have not been giving" what is lacking?

Q #827
What is the attraction of guilt and suffering?
Q #828
What is meant by the mistake that brought truth to illusion?
Q #829
Does cause-and-effect exist only in this world ?
Q #830 Is practising the Course compatible with practising TM ?

Q #823 What advice would you offer about perceiving a custody battle in a Course-centered way?
Q #824  Is the Course compatible with the idea of "positive programming"?
Q #825(i)   How can we apply Jesus' teachings without inadvertently reinforcing the ego?
Q #825(ii)  Could someone be free of fear yet not have perfect peace?
Q #825(iii) How can I escape from the idea that the mind and the brain are the same?
Q #826 Are we souls occupying forms on the physical plane?

Q #819 Pleased clarify our alleged "dream" state.
Q #820 If there is no order of difficulty in miracles, don't all Workbook lessons teach the same thing?
Q #821 How should I deal with serious doubts and fears about my marriage ?
Q #822 What are the similarities of the movie 'What the Bleep do You Know" to the Course?

Q #815 How exactly can I act as though I had no ego, without seeming like a "blissninny"
Q #816 Why is Jesus' return to God not ours as well?
Q #817 Does "behold me brother, at your hand I die" only apply to human victimisers?
Q #818 Are there specific prayers I should use to help heal my cancer?

Q #811 What would explain an intuitive negative feeling towards another person?
Q #812 Does giving what we are hiding to God cause discomfort for most people?
Q #813 Why exactly does the ego attack loving people?
Q #814 We are told we must choose, but choice is impossible... I am confused!

Q #807 What would A Course in Miracles say about Hurricane Katrina ?
Q #808 Where does A Course in Miracles fit in relation to Eastern religions?
Q #809 What mght a mind experience upon death?
Q #810 Why is A Course in Miracles so complex?

Q #801 What is the cause of "natural disasters"?
Q #802 How should I speak to young children about my beliefs?
Q #803 I feel the Holy Spirit has helped me in my grief. Are you saying this is not true ?
Q #804 Why does the dream look so real?
Q #805 What is a "teacher of God"? The Course seems to contradict itself on this.
Q #806 What advice would you offer someone with a tremendous burden or obligation?

Q #797 Does the true self know about the dream?
Q #798 How should I view prophecies of impending doom?
Q #799 How can I break free of my feelings of lack?
Q #800 How would the course view the dictum that we should "hate the sin but love the sinner"?

Q #794 Even if the world of form is illusory, are some forms of social order more beneficial than others?
Q #795 When a relationship goes wrong, does the Course imply that we will have another chance in a future life?
Q #796 How can I learn forgiveness if I see the ego as a hostile evil entity?

Q #791 Why do I experience such poor outcomes, if I try to make the right decisions?
Q #792 Doesn't the underlying unity revealed by modern physics imply the universe is not completely illusory?
Q #793 Can I, or should I, continue to love someone who does not love me in return?

Q #786 When I face the things I have kept hidden it makes me want to give up the Course.
Q #787 If proselytizing about the Course is an ego trap, why did Helen Shucman want it published?
Q #788 Is it inconsistent of me to not want to spend time with someone I feel I have forgiven?
Q #789 If "perception is projection" what was Jesus' perception of his own crucifixion?
Q #790 Would it be appropriate to pursue a police complaint against a company I feel has acted dishonestly?

Q #782(i) Is pain real?
Q #782(ii) Should one listen to the lesson of the day while reading the text?
Q #783  Are there similarities between the Course and the writings of Joel Goldsmith?
Q #784  Is there one single clear guideline for studying and understanding the Course?
Q #785  I find the Course a little disorienting compared to my previous spirituality. What should I do?

Q #778  What is the meaning of the different levels of encounters?
Q #779  If it is true: that "You have no problems", isn't deliverance impossible?
Q #780  I understand the body is not real, but I remain so deeply rooted in it
Q #781  Does error come from some impersonal source that uses us?

Q #774  How can I let go of painful past incidents and memories?
Q #775  Why is it so difficult to release our addiction to this world?
Q #776  What is meant by a "real attack that calls for punishment"?
Q #777(i)  How do we distinguish between form and content?
Q #777(ii)  Does the ego know that God loves His Son?

Q #770  Why does Jesus tells us to take the Course once and then leave it?
Q #771  If anger is never justifiable why does the Course say we need not pardon an attack?
Q #772  Is it possible the Holy Spirit's guidance can seem irrational ?
Q #773  Why does God need us to remember him and how will that solve our problems?

Q #766  I often awaken with ideas from the Course in my mind. Is this significant?
Q #767  Can I have the peace of God but still live in this world?
Q #768  Am I in my wrong mind if I take legal action against my ex-husband?
Q #769  Has anyone ever "returned" from an awakened condition ?

Q #763  Please clarify the nature of the Holy Spirit and the ego, and the relationship between them.
Q #764  Is the beauty of this earth a manifestation of God's creation?
Q #765  Why does the Course seem to suggest tha the Sonship is composed of many parts?

Q #759  I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia: I am afraid the Course is just another crazy thought system.
Q #760  Is forgiveness the same as Buddha's "golden rule"?
Q #761  If God is "absolute" and "one" how can there be a son?
Q #762  When I succeed in seeing someone's behaviour as a call for help, it makes me feel guilty.

Q #754  Why should we ask for God's guidance in a world of which He knows nothing?
Q #755  Every time I read the Course is like the first time. Is my understanding of it increasing?
Q #756  The more I try to find peace, the more I seem to suffer economic difficulties.
Q #757  Is the "inner child" just another aspect of the ego?
Q #758  My job requires planning but the Course teaches us we should not plan. What do I do?

Q #749  Is quantum physics likely to converge with the viewpoint of A Course in Miracles?
Q #750  Is the Course recommending we try to use prayer to suppress anger?
Q #751  Is high self-esteem related to spiritual enlightenment?
Q #752  What does Jesus mean by "witness"?
Q #753  Why does Lesson 1 in the Workbook seem self-contradictory?

Q #744  Why is the Course necessary if the Atonement is already done?
Q #745  How can time heal wounds if time is illusory?
Q #746  Why can't the Holy Spirit direct me very specifically how to find and heal suffering?
Q #747  What is the exact nature of the ego?
Q #748  Can we save time by spending less of it on ego-thoughts?

Q #740  Does the Judeo-Christian theme of the Course encourage environmental irresponsibility?
Q #741  Is it consistent with the Course's teachings to be opposed to abortion?
Q #742  Is it specialness to want others to know of my love for Jesus?
Q #743  How can God be "lonely" without us if he doesn't know about us?

Q #736   My weight is making spiritual progress difficult for me.
Q #737   If all love relationships are special, is it wrong to get married?
Q #738   If the is no such thing as cause and effect in this world, why does Jesus seem to say there is?
Q #739   What is the difference between "Knowledge" and eastern "enlightenment"?

Q #732   About being stuck on the first lesson.
Q #733   Are our ego illusions an attempt to stave off guilt?
Q #734   If I do the Workbook lessons again does that give voice to the ego?
Q #735   Why are we born with egos? Does the ego have any useful purpose?

Q #728   Can affirmations help our relationship with God ?
Q #729   Are Buddha and Christ the same?
Q #730   Are there any techniques in the Course to help us overcome our resistance ?
Q #731   Is everything pre-ordained by God? Do I have any choice about my own salvation?

Q #724 (i)  Why does Jesus say we hate the Self that we have made?
Q #724 (ii)  How can there be a world that is "not God"?
Q #724 (iii) Why would Jesus be channeled, but not, say, Buddha?
Q #725  Are all egos separate consciousnesses, or am I the only one, just projecting the rest?
Q #726  What should I do about falling in love with my therapist?
Q #727  Are the teachings of the Kabbalah similar to those of A Course in Miracles?

Q #720  What action should I take when I become aware of my own ego?
Q #721  Is it just another ego-ploy to feel that I am unworthy of the Atonement?
Q #722  Is there a parallel between separation from one's parents and the original separation?
Q #723  Are we already "saved"?

Q #716  Do we use sickness to justify avoidance of true healing?
Q #717  How should we behave when a loved-one is behaving very destructively?
Q #718  How could A Course in Miracles communicate with me if I am an illusion?
Q #719  What is meant by the phrase "make plans against uncertainties to come"?

Q #712  What is "to give Love"?
Q #713  What or who is "the decision maker"?
Q #714  Why do I over-idealize others, then find myself disappointed by them?
Q #715  Is A Course in Miracles addressing individual decision-makers, or one group decision-maker?

Q #708  Could temporary amnesia signify contact with nothingness?
Q #709  How could Jesus' body be visible after the resurrection?
Q #710  Is everything we desire either God or a substitute for Him?
Q #711  How would A Course in Miracles regard the issue of gossiping?

Q #703  What is the view of A Course in Miracles on Black Magic/Voodoo?
Q #704  Why does A Course in Miracles use Christian language?
Q #705  Is gay sex inconsisten with the teachings of A Course in Miracles?
Q #706  How can I deal with disenchantment with my work?
Q #707  I still fear that God will punish me and send me to hell. Am I going crazy?

Q #699  What is the relationship between the body and the spirit?
Q #700  I am afraid that having a job may intefere with my ability to learn the Course.
Q #701  What does the course say about leaving a relationship?.
Q #702  Should I worry about "making a difference" in the world?

Q #694  Is the Course true? Does it even matter?
Q #695  If a mind were free of guilt, how could any request be perceived as "outrageous"?
Q #696  Questions about conflicts between study-group members.
Q #697  How can I apply Course principles if I have an overwhelming sex-drive?
Q #698  What is meant by "you have allowed the ego's goals to come between the real alternatives"?

Q #690  Why do I need to forgive God, and how could I do that?
Q #691  Why was Helen Shucman apparently so attuned to the Voice?
Q #692  What is meant by "do not do a foolish thing that would hurt another"?
Q #693  Where is evil?

Q #686  To me, not everyone seems "uncertain, lonely, and in constant fear"
Q #687  What might be the best kind of ministry for a devotee of the Course?
Q #688  After many years of working with the Course I sense no change...
Q #689  Could it be that I really don't know how to give up sickness?

Q #682  What does Jesus mean by "abilities"?
Q #683  How can I work as a hospice nurse if the Course teaches there is no sickness or death?
Q #684  How can I stay longer in the "present" moment ?
Q #685  What is meant by the "appointed ending of the dream"?

Q #678  Can you please explain the section about "Looking Within"?
Q #679  Is the journey back to our Father still certain?
Q #680  Would volunteer work be interfering with the Holy Spirit's plan ?
Q #681  I like to work as a hands-on healer, but is this wrong?

Q #674  How can I speed up someone else's change of mind?
Q #675  What if all my love and kindness simply is not returned?
Q #676  To what extent is my wrong-mindedness responsible for unpleasant situations?
Q #677  What is meant by "you are its effect and cannot be its cause"?

Q #670  What is meant by "Ask me which miracles you should perform"?
Q #671  What is the meaning and significance of Ghosts?
Q #672  If the Holy Spirit does not speak to us, why do I feel guided by it?
Q #673  What is the meaning and significance of dreams?

Q #666  Is there a mind outside of time that creates situations?
Q #667  If there is only oneness, then who are we "extending" to ?
Q #668  Who is "Peniel"?
Q #669  Questions about bach-flower remedies and dowsing.

Q #662  How does "all thinking produce(s) form on some level"?
Q #663  What is the nature of the "decision maker" ?
Q #664  Has anyone actually achieved the goal of the Course?
Q #665  What is meant by "form" and "content"?

Q #657  What could be causing my headaches, depression, etc.?
Q #658  How can I deal with my negative feelings toward a family member ?
Q #659  What is your view of Course-based psychotherapy?.
Q #660  Why do I feel better about my friends than they feel about me?.
Q #661  How should a Course student view disasters like the recent tsunami?.

Q #654  Should I judge those who claim to be "enlightened"?
Q #655  How can I deal with my desires to over-eat ?
Q #656  If bodies are made to limit love, what on earth are we doing here?.

Q #650  What are some of the best references to the "decision maker"?
Q #651  How does the Course address the anger I feel about a past relationship ?
Q #652  Should I analyze ego thoughts, or should I just surrender them?.
Q #653  How can the thought-system of the Course ever enter a mind guided by the ego?

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