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Part 4: Questions from year 2006

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Q #1066 Can the ego be subdivided into "male" ego and "female" ego, both different?
Q #1067 Is it accurate to say that painful feelings are the ego's way of keeping us focussed on the body? .
Q #1068 How can the Holy Spirit both perceive, and have knowledge, if they are mutually exclusive?
#1069 Must I die and give up all I love to reach atonement ?

Q #1063 If I share someone's joy for worldly success, is that choosing for the ego or the Holy Spirit?
Q #1064 I am searching for a better understanding of whether we should try to alleviate suffering in the world ? .
Q #1065 I've been working really hard on myself spiritually but my life seems to have gotten worse and worse. Why?

Q #1058 Did we fall from bliss to a lower state?
Q #1059 How can I control demonic "entities" that seem real to me? .
Q #1060 Is it possible some part of the Sonship never participated in the dream?
Q #1061 What is the significance of the "giant strides"?
Q #1062 Should only one worbook lesson be done each day?

Q #1053 Who takes "The Last Step"?
Q #1054 Do fear and guilt prevent us experiencing the deeper levels of our mind? .
Q #1055 Did Helen ask Jesus any questions about his life on Earth ? .
Q #1056 What is the "one question" we are supposed to ask God?
Q #1057 How can I heal my habit of judging others?

Q #1049 Why would we need to forgive our Father's world?
Q #1050 After one year studying the Course, I am seeking some kind of validation of my beliefs.
Q #1051 How could separation have preceded consciousness ? .
Q #1052 How could such a beautiful world not be a creation of God?

Q #1045 Doesn't it just create more guilt to know we create our own diseases ?
Q #1046 Can one transcend the body and not be aware of it? .
Q #1047 Did the Jewish people have a collective experiance of God at Mt. Sinai? .
Q #1048 Does everyone have doubts about the Course?

Q #1041 How can I help a child with a debilitating disorder?
Q #1042 What exactly is meant by "littleness"? .
Q #1043 Studying the Course makes It hard for me to "blend in" and seem normal.
Q #1044 Why did Helen say Jesus told her the opposite of what she wanted to hear?

Q #1038 What is the difference between "mind" and "spirit"?
Q #1039 Should I feel guilt about not giving away money? .
Q #1040 Three questions concerning the dream and the illusion.

Q #1034 Why would God let us have unhappy dreams?
Q #1035 What is meant by "a dream is a wish fulfilled"? .
Q #1036 Are my feelings of love genuine?
Q #1037 I feel alone and frustrated because others do not share my journey.

Q #1029 Can we ever be guided to use fear as a tool ?
Q #1030 I've stopped thinking about inconclusive questions.
Q #1031 Can we really have thoughts which are apart from God's?
Q #1032 Does the mind build the physical?
Q #1033 Does the Course allude to any specific form of musicl?

Q #1024 Was Helen's mind healed when she died?
Q #1025 Why do I feel more hateful towards other people since studying the Course?
Q #1026 Why does Jesus say he is no more real than we are?
Q #1027 I want to give decision-making to the Holy Spirit but I am a compulsive planner.
Q #1028 Why does it seem so hard to find God?

Q #1020 The idea that this is all an illusion seems very depressing. Why is that?
Q #1021 As a peer-mediator, how can I help others without mentioning the Course ?
Q #1022 About learning to accept that others may be on different paths.
Q #1023 Am I right in asking for a "burning bush" or a sign?

Q #1016 Is it accurate to think of the body as a puppet or tool of the mind?
Q #1017 Why should one "sit up" when reading the workbook?
Q #1018 Could a healed mind even see guilt or experience the dream ?
Q #1019 I am experiencing difficulty when trying to forgive a romantic partner.

Q #1011 Is there any degree of control or choice over lifetimes or dreams?
Q #1012 Is a personal experience of oneness with God - a normal experience?
Q #1013 What is the Course position on prophesies of disaster and apocalypse?
Q #1014 What is the meaning and purpose of psychic experiences?
Q #1015 What is the difference between resistance and unwillingness?

Q #1008      How should I respond when I am not given proper respect?
Q #1009(i)   How should I respond if I sense someone is getting irritated with me?
Q #1009(ii)  Am I not being "myself" if I am concerned solely with others?
Q #1009(iii) Can we experience the love of God if we live in isolation, without communication?
Q #1010      How is everyday life possible without making judgements?

Q #1003 Are vampires part of the illusion ?
Q #1004 At 55 I am alone and miserable. What would Jesus have me do ?
Q #1005 Am I beginning to wake up from the dream?
Q #1006 I feel guilty about my miscarriages.
Q #1007 If truly forgiving one person leads to salvation for all, why are we still here?

Q #999 Why does the Course raise so many conflicts?
Q #1000 Why does the Course say the world is a "fact"?
Q #1001 All I know is loneliness and pain. The Course promises peace but how do I find it ?
Q #1002 I am confused and afraid the Course may lead me in the wrong direction.

Q #995 Is everyone afraid of the loss of individuality?
Q #996 Why did Jesus say we will do even greater things than he did?
Q #997 Why does Jesus say miracles are for those who can "use them for themselves"?
Q #998 I did something which is causing me much guilt. How should I deal with it?

Q #992 If I'm not aware of my own thoughts, how can I know what they are causing?
Q #993 What are the parallels between the Course and the Gnostic writings?
Q #994 If God does not exist, who the hell have we been praying to all these years?

Q #988 Would the Course consider karma to be beyond its scope?
Q #989 Can the Course be responsible for changes in diet or lifestyle?
Q #990 The more deeply I move into the Course, the less I feel in touch with God.
Q #991 If we regain oneness, will we retain our individualized memories?

Q #984 My child is dying. How can I deal with this loss?
Q #985 Do all forms of the "universal course" save time?.
Q #986 As I learn about guilt and projection I become afraid something bad will happen to my child..
Q #987 Doesn't marriage imply a special relationship? So how can married people be "teachers of God"?

Q #980 Is "peace" our true identity?
Q #981 I am confused about use of the term "special love".
Q #982 I was unduly harsh to someone. What does this mean?
Q #983 Can knowledge be acquired without reading books?

Q #977 What is "the Atonement" and is a person who has achieved it an "ascended master"?
Q #978 How and what do we "learn" from other people?.
Q #979 As a company executive, what is an appropriate way for me to discipline my workforce?

Q #974 How should I handle OCD therapy, given my knowledge of the Course?
Q #975 How could the ego mind possibly prevail?.
Q #976 Isn't "the real world" necessarily the final step?

Q #970 As a supervisor I am asked to judge others. How can I deal with this?.
Q #971 I cannot relate to what others do, and this world seems boring.
Q #972 Were people really healed in Jesus' presence?
Q #973 What is meant by a "universal experience" ?

Q #965 Why am I losing my sense of love?.
Q #966 What is meant by "miracles you are not asked to perform"?
Q #967 I feel like the Holy Spirit is coercing me into something I don't want.
Q #968 Can you give any tips about starting a study group ?
Q #969 Do we really have no purpose here ?

Q #961 Do my sleeping dreams reflect my true state?.
Q #962 How can psychotherapy produce healing?
Q #963 Why is study of the Course making me irritated with God?
Q #964 What about the philosophical view that eternal peace is boring and meaningless?

Q #957 Why do I always sabotage any feeling of peace I attain?.
Q #958 How exactly do miracles save us time?
Q #959 Is it possible that all experiences of "God" are really just biochemical brain-states?
Q #960 What might other people experience if I awakened from the dream?

Q #953 Why should I bother defending myself when treated unfairly in business?.
Q #954 How could there be any true path other than the Course?
Q #955 Why does the Course mention the mind, but never the heart?
Q #956 Why do I seem to be stuck as a victim ?

Q #948 How should I respond to a relationship-counselor who does not follow Course principles ?.
Q #949 Am I wrong to feel such a strong link to a deceased pet ?
Q #950 How can the Course assist me in getting my weight under control ?
Q #951 I am homeless and feel hopeless. Where do I go from here?
Q #952
Does God know we are in the dream?

Q #944 What is the best course of action for me, feeling guilt, anger, and depression?.
Q #945 I seem to experience guidance. Where is it coming from?
Q #946 If we don't exist, how can we collectively do anything?
Q #947 I want peace and joy, but I also want money. How do I reconcile them ?

Q #940 Did Jesus dictate A Course in Miracles?
Q #941 What is the ultimate goal of A Course in Miracles ?
Q #942 Is there any point to attempts at improving oneself or the world ?
Q #943 Why does the prctising Course always seem to make things worse?

Q #936 Does the Course teach that some only groups of people are worthy of love ?
Q #937 What is the true meaning of "shared interests" ?
Q #938 How could God let a young child die?
Q #939 Why does the Course say Medications are forms of spells?

Q #932 How are we certain that it was Jesus that Helen heard ?
Q #933 Can the teachings of the Advaita Vedanta be reconciled with the Course?
Q #934 How do I form a personal relationship with Jesus?
Q #935 How do we choose or end up with the life we appear to lead?

Q #928 How can I avoid judging and condemning corrupt governments?
Q #929 What exactly are the threats of which the ego is aware?
Q #930 Is Course-based psychotherapy a valid approach?
Q #931 Should I strive not to judge, or just to be aware of my judgments ?

Q #924 What does it mean to "Choose outside of time and space" ?
Q #925 Is my weight problem a product of my own guilt?
Q #926 As a Catholic, AND a Course student, how should I pray?
Q #927 Are Kundalini experiences of the ego?

Q #920 Are you using the Course to justify infidelity in marriage?
Q #921 How can I experience peace and let go of fear and guilt?
Q #922 Why must we have any ability at all to miscreate?
Q #923 How can we determine what to take literally in the Course ?

Q #915 Would forgiveness make me less liable to experience pain and fatigue?
Q #916 How can I experience peace and let go of fear and guilt?
Q #917 Why does the fear of death not cause an illusory world where we live forever ?
Q #918 I know the world holds nothing that I want, but if I deny myself things I become depressed?
Q #919 Are there still minds separating from God?

Q #911 What is the meaning of "words are but symbols of symbols"?
Q #912 Can a "Holy Instant" be experienced when contemplating past events?
Q #913 Is it normal to discover dark and vicious thoughts in oneself when studying the course?
Q #914 What is the meaning of the terms "longitudinal and horizontal plane"?

Q #905 Should I feel guilty about being assertive ?
Q #906 How do I release a problem if I feel it was of my own making ?
Q #907 Is there a loving way to tell an "ex" that you do not want contact with him/her?
Q #908 How can we avoid being part of another person's negative thoughts?
Q #909 What do you think of other materials claiming to be the "channeled" Jesus?
Q #910 Am I on the right track if I realise I hate everybody?

Q #901 Can you help me to understand -- where is the mind?
Q #902 What does the Course tell us about the historical Jesus ?
Q #903 How do I know I have joined with the Holy Spirit?
Q #904 How can anything as wonderful as nature not come from God?

Q #897 There seems to be so much deceipt in the world -- is there any objective truth?.
Q #898 If we are all in the same dream, can I really only impact my own thinking?.
Q #899 On being torn between two partners .
Q #900 Is the Course just a form of solipsism?

Q #893 On sleeping, dreaming, observing, and awakening.
Q #894 On being a mother and watching my son make choices I do not agree with.
Q #895 On the suitability of the Course for someone developmentally "arrested".
Q #896 On problems acheiving a quiet mind.

Q #890 How can we know which teachers have really obtained enlightenment?
Q #891 When life is going well I am not interested in Course principles.
Q #892 What is the meaning of the "near death experience" ?

Q #886 How can our limited minds grasp the truth ?
Q #887 Can I follow Course principles if I am a tax collector?
Q #888 If the Courses teaches that guilt is not real, is that not just an excuse for "copping out" ?
Q #889 My friend wants me to recite the rosary with her. Would it be dishonest of me to do so ? 

Q #882 Do the unforgiven go to hell?
Q #883 Once I have had a thought, how can I ever forget it ?
Q #884 If I feel gratitude for illusion, does that bring truth to illusion ?
Q #885 Why do I sometimes feel that the words of the Course are unkind ? 

Q #879 How is quiet reflection possible in a world of interruptions ?
Q #880 Why would we be shocked to discover the dream is not real ?
Q #881 If I am attacked I feel angry. How is that a symbol of my own guilt? 

Q #876 Can studying the Course make me like an angel ?
Q #877 If a healed mind does not plan, is it not simply a slave ?
Q #878 The workbook is making me more aggressive. What's going on ? 

Q #872 Can a shared goal be a simple worldly goal?
Q #873 What is the point of attempting any improvements on a level of form?
Q #874 Is a special learning partner still a special relatonship? 
Q #875 How can I change another person's hatred for me and our child?

Q #868 How do Course principles apply to someone who is emotionally unavailable?
Q #869 How can I get past my dislike of my country's policies and politics?
Q #870 Can I sue someone in court and still be at peace? 
Q #871 How can I renounce the ego without renouncing all worldly activities?

Q #865 Do we create our "insecurities" and "conflicts" to keep ourselves separate?
Q #866 My wife is separating from me and I feel scared.
Q #867 Could I be spending too much time bringing my problems to The Holy Spirit?

Q #861
What might be the psychological effects of a bad childhood when trying to study the Course?
Q #862
What is the meaning of "Salvation" and what is the body?
Q #863
Did the original error precede any desire to attack God ?
Q #864
Why don't I feel any better after I ask the Holy Spirit for help?

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