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Part 6: Questions from year 2008

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Q #1380 Why is the beneficial effect of reading about the Course so short-lived?
Q #1381 Is it necessary to know the exact cause of an effect in order to forgive it?
Q #1382 How do we know we have really forgiven?
Q #1383 Must every relationship be a special relationship, and is that always bad?
Q #1384 Why does the Course provide no guidance for dealing with the emotions it unleashes?

Q #1375 Do Course students secretly fear a successful outcome?.
Q #1376 Is the ego trainable?
Q #1377 Do animals have forgiveness lessons to learn?
Q #1378 If one despises the body, is that evidence of a split mind?
Q #1379 I feel I have grasped an important concept, but I am upset because I cannot apply it.

Q #1371 I feel guilty I may be choosing the wrong career path.
Q #1372 How can I avoid judging my friends for their beliefs about homeopathic medicines?.
Q #1373 How was it possible for Joel Goldsmith to achieve healings?
Q #1374 How do I handle the guilt I feel when I think of others as deceitful?

Q #1364 How do I overcome resistance to hearing the Holy Spirit ?.
Q #1365 What is the meaning of "healing".
Q #1366 How much time elapses between thoughts (cause) and effect ?
Q #1367 Is "vigilance" still necessary if we have learned complete forgiveness?
Q #1368 Is it considered "proselytizing" to explain one's Course-based decisions?
Q #1369 Does "unconscious guilt" cause us to continue a "deam reincarnation" process?
Q #1370 How does Advaita Vedanta view the issues of separation, pain, and guilt?

Q #1360 Could a dissociative disorder be attributable to perception of separateness?.
Q #1361 A Course student struggles to cope with an abusive husband.
Q #1362 What is the Course's explanation for a failure to put theory to practical use ?
Q #1363 How could a thought of separation have arisen out of perfect oneness?

Q #1357 Why must I ask Jesus before I perform a miracle?.
Q #1358 Are "ego-ideals" part of the "level-confusion" error?
Q #1359(i) Is it normal to feel the strength of the ego growing as I study the Course?
Q #1359(ii) I am supposed to help others cope with grief, yet 'm taking medication to help me cope with my own grief.

Q #1353 Is gratitude really a tool, or merely an effect?.
Q #1354 Where or what exactly is the "observer" in Course metaphysics ?
Q #1355 Where and when and by whom has my "script" been written?
Q #1356 Why have I never felt any burning passion or attachment to anything?

Q #1349 Isn't the Course trying to put us in an impossible situation?.
Q #1350 How should I deal with chronic repeating resistance to the Course ?.
Q #1351 Must I surrender old habits even if it makes me uncomfortable?
Q #1352 How can I reconcile Course principles with my job as a used-car dealer ?

Q #1345 Is it possible to see another as totally sinless?.
Q #1346 Should I pursue a relationship where my partner is chronically dissatisfied?.
Q #1347 How does Course theology fit people from agnostic or "Godless" cultures?
Q #1348 Is it true that the later parts of the Course can be traumatic if we are unprepared?

Q #1341
Is there a point beyond which study of the text doesn't really help ?.
Q #1342 After studying the Course for years, I have lost my enthusiasm for conventional activities.
Q #1343 I seem to be torn between the Course and a hedonistic lifestyle.
Q #1344 How do I get past the pain of my illness, to benefit from the Course ?

Q #1337 What is the purpose of space and space exploration?.
Q #1338 What is a Course perspective on divorce?
Q #1339 Why do we so often feel like attacking those closest to us?.
Q #1340 Can you clarify the section: "The illusions of needs"?

Q #1333 Does the Course inspire authoritarianism or aggressiveness?.
Q #1334 Ii it true to say the things we dislike about ourselves are projections of our guilt?
Q #1335 As a result of my upbringing I feel difficulty connecting with Jesus.
Q #1336 The Course no longer seems to have a calming effect on me. Am I doing something wrong?

Q #1329 How do you think the Course views the topic of chakras?.
Q #1330 If the Course does not provide specific guidance re: behavior, why did Jesus offer so much guidance to Helen?
Q #1331 Help! As a Course student I feel I just don't want to be here any more!
Q #1332 If sickness is a sign of unforgiveness, does that mean everyone who dies is holding on to unforgiveness?

Q #1326 What advice does the Course offer for a very difficult relationship with a daughter? .
Q #1327 I feel very lost and alone concerning the "dream."
Q #1328 I can understand how thinking beings are part of the illusion, but how about lesser objects?

Q #1323 What does the Course mean by "angels"? .
Q #1324 How can I tell if my activities are sufficiently "spiritual"?
Q #1325 Was my dear, beloved daughter just an illusion --- ?

Q #1319 I feel trapped and confused by the words of the Course, and I can't get past that.
Q #1320 I feel so ready to "wake up," so why don't I ?
Q #1321 Jesus says we have made some "real relationships." What are they?
Q #1322 How do I know if my blessings in this life are a good thing or a bad thing?

Q #1315 At the end of a relationship I miss my ex a lot. In what way are our minds "joined" ?
Q #1316 What is the Course position on suicide. Does the form of death really matter?
Q #1317 Does the messenger of God have an active or a passive role?
Q #1318 I am confused: is m script "fixed" or are there infinite possibilities?

Q #1310 If we are part of a perfect being, how can we have an imperfect dream ?
Q #1311 What is meant by "renounce the role as guardian of your thought system"?
Q #1312 Is the Course about peace and love...? Or isn't it?
Q #1313 Where do enlightened people go when they die?
Q #1314 Is it possible Jesus was a reincarnation?

Q #1307 Does forgiveness of painful situations lead to better ones?
Q #1308 Does the Course advocate "embracing what is" ?
Q #1309(i) What is "normal" behavior if we came into this dream as egos?
Q #1309(ii) Can "non-spiritual" people be kind? How should we interpret that?
Q #1309(iii) Is it pure grandiosity for someone to claim "I am the Holy Spirit"?

Q #1303 I often experience strong, forceful emotions while studying the Course. Can they be part of my awakening?
Q #1304 Is it appropriate to make changes to my external circumstances to try to improve my Course progress?
Q #1305 Help! How am I supposed to watch my daughter's sickness and feel peaceful?
Q #1306 Was I "wrong" to fire someone who stole from me?

Q #1299 How should I perceive a person who is sick?
Q #1300 Does love of oneself constitute "special" love?
Q #1301 Why is it preferable to be wrong?
Q #1302 It is so hard to handle the contrast between the world of the Course, and the world outside.

Q #1296 In the A=B+C analogy, is the right mind the capital M Mind?
Q #1297 How do we live in an illusory world, if matter doesn't matter ?
Q #1298 Why is guilt about parents always so intense?

Q #1292 Is there one decision-maker or many?
Q #1293 On what level should I interact with colleagues I dislike?
Q #1294 What might be the reason I am not finding an intimate relationship?
Q #1295 What is the diffeence between the ego of the Course, and that of psychology?

Q #1288 Can my outward misfortunes be attributed to my lack of forgiveness?
Q #1289 How can I feel "shared interests" with criminals, rapists, etc?
Q #1290 Why would an "advanced teacher" not just be another case of "specialness" ?
Q #1291 I learn by teaching - but do I learn by what others teach?

Q #1284 Is there a simple universal technique for forgiveness in the Course?
Q #1285 Can two people disagree about the Course but stil have a harmonious relationship ?
Q #1286 Can one make an "idol" of the Course?
Q #1287 Is there any divine order within the illusion?

Q #1280 Should I feel guilt or blame myself over the ending of a relationship?
Q #1281 What is meant by "I have purified them of the errors that hid their light"?.
Q #1282 How could there ever be a separation?
Q #1283 I'm finding it hard to relate to people who criticize or complain.

Q #1276 Is love the opposite of fear, or vice-versa?
Q #1277 How can we perceive God's creations if the world is not of His making?.
Q #1278 What was God's role in the creation of nature, natural selection, the animal kingdom, etc?
Q #1279 If a healthy ego is needed before studying the Course, how can I make mine stronger?

Q #1272 Why are "attack" and "praise" two sides of the same coin ?
Q #1273 After doing the Workbook lessons for 2 weeks, I'm starting to feel sick.
Q #1274 Technically speaking, isn't it "absurd" to study the Course?
Q #1275 What does it mean to be "true to the classroom"?

Q #1268 Is the term "special relationships" limited to relationships with people?
Q #1269 How have others reacted to an experience of one-ness ?
Q #1270 Should I risk re-involvement with a previous partner?
Q #1271 What would be the best way to share the Course with my (Catholic) family?